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Embrace Your Passion

I uncovered my passion for music during the years spent with my dad. Going to reherarsal's, Gigs, and then preforming on stage.  From that point on, the Blues has been in my heart. 

Live Life in Song

I'm following my dreams while keeping my father's legecy alive !Chicago Blues

"Mojo" Risin

Released my first EP 

"Mojo" Risin 



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About Us

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The saga continues from one Generation to another.

Keeping the Blues Alive


What was told by Mckinley Morganfield at a early age

Close the deal

Finished a EP 2018. Working on a CD to be available in the fall of 2019.

Finished "Mojo" Risin EP 2018. Working on a CD to be available the Fall of 2019